About Growculture.net

We are creating digital tools to support your growing efforts.

We seek to use internet based technology to support globalization of sustainable growing techniques.

Who are we

This project is maintained by a team with a background in technology and an interest in farming, gardening, nutrition, self-sustainability and food sustainability.

What are we doing

We want to help people grow food. We have a long-term vision for global application of digital tools that support sharing of sustainable and regenerative growing practices. We want to support both hobbyist gardeners as well as small-scale agricultural farming in urban and rural communities around the world. We have a goal of contributing solutions to one of our most fundamental problems: ensuring long-term food and nutrition availability for everyone.

Our Online Communities

Patreon is where our community of supporters collaborate. We discuss feature ideas and what is coming next. We welcome participation and input through this forum. You may support us both financially and through providing input and ideas to make our tools more helpful.

Become a supporter!

Facebook is where we get the word out about the tools we are creating. Please like and share our page to help us grow our community!

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Tell us how these tools have helped you, or tell us how we can make them better.